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The 10 Most Expensive Apartments for Rent in Queens

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Having already brought you the Most Expensive Rentals in New York City (i.e. Manhattan) and the Most Expensive Rentals in Brooklyn, we conclude our Renters Week coverage of apartments you can't afford with the 10 Most Expensive Apartment Rentals in Queens. (Sorry, Bronx and the other one, maybe next year.) Really, though, this list should be called A Whole Bunch of New Luxury Rentals in Long Island City and a Few Other Places, because that's just what the expensive apartment game is like in Queens these days. Caveat: we only included the most expensive rental from each building, because a list where seven of the 10 items are in The View is a boring list.

↑ In Astoria, a 1,600-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is asking $5,000/month. It includes a fair amount of exposed brick and private roof deck, which is for some reason repeatedly referred to as a backyard.

↑ In Long Island City's Avalon Riverview North, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is asking $5,150/month with no fee. Amenities include a A 24-hour concierge, cold storage facility, gym, roof garden, and communal grills.

↑ This Long Island City apartment is of the style of most other Long Island City luxury rental, but with parquet flooring and perhaps a few fewer windows. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is asking $5,160/month with no fee.

↑ In Long Island City (get used to it), this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is going for $5,290/month with no fee. It has big windows, good views, and a whole bunch of building amenities.

↑ In Forest Hills, a renovated-looking four-bedroom house is going for $5,495/month. Whatever a "French-door fridge" is, it has one of those.

↑ In Astoria, the overall aesthetic of this three-bed, two-bath penthouse definitely leaves something to be desired, but it does have two balconies and, according to the floorplan at least, a private elevator landing. It's asking $5,500/month.

↑ The Maximilian in Hunters Point in Long Island City offers this two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit for $5,500/month. Among the building amenities are a large, nice-looking roof deck and a pool table.

↑ Also in the Hunters Point section of Long Island City, in Gantry Park Landing, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment rents for $5,699/month with no fee. It looks not dissimilar to every other newly constructed luxury rental, which is not to say that it looks unappealing.

↑ In Long Island City's 4610 Center Boulevard, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom corner apartment is going for $6,520/month with no fee. It features the floor-to-ceiling windows and full amenities that are customary for new luxury buildings in the neighborhood.

↑ And the most expensive rental unit currently on the market in Queens is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit in Long Island City's The View at East Coast, right next door to 4610 Center Boulevard. It features very high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows and is asking $8,800/month.
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