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How Much Is the Rent for Your New York City Apartment?

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The last batch of monthly market reports highlighted what renters in New York City already know: renting in this fine town isn't getting any cheaper. For the last seven years, rents have just gone up, up, up, and at the end of April, the median for all of Manhattan hit $3,361. Things weren't any better in "cheap" Brooklyn, where the median jumped to $2,961. But do market reports tell the whole story? Two years ago, we asked Curbed readers to weigh in on how much they pay each month for their home, be it rented or owned, and it was our most commented-on story of 2013. But since most New Yorkers—69 percent, to be precise—rent (and because it's Renters Week 2015), we want to revisit the question and narrow the focus.

So tell us: how much do you pay for rent in New York City? Do you live in a not-that-cheap rent-stabilized apartment in Harlem? Do you share a sprawling loft with four artists in Williamsburg? Did you inherit a rent-controlled one-bedroom from your grandparents? In this unofficial survey, we ask that you leave a comment sharing your rent, neighborhood, and type of apartment. If you weighed in last time, tell us how your rent has changed since then. This will be fun—and it may result in some special charts by graphing guru Jonathan Miller.
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