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Where To Find Cheaper Rentals in 6 Pricey NYC 'Hoods

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News flash: rents across New York City aren't getting any lower. But with a little bit of digging, deals can be discovered, even in the most popular and expensive neighborhoods. Rental-finding website Zumper crunched the numbers, once again, to determine the "cold pockets" of six neighborhoods that aren't exactly cheap. In Midtown West (↑), the median for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,340 as of June 1, but in a six-bock area bound by Eighth Avenue, 51st Street, 10th Avenue, and 54th Street, you can find apartments for 15 percent less.

In Park Slope (↑), one-bedrooms farther south, between 10th and 13th streets can be found for $2,300 per month, which is 8 percent cheaper than the neighborhood median, $2,500. It may not seem like a huge difference, but keep in mind that the median for all unit types is nearly $2,900 (see map below).

Many people still consider Long Island City (↑) to be a cheaper alternative to Manhattan (and largely, it is), but new developments have pushed rents way up in the neighborhood. Zumper puts the median for one-bedrooms at $2,895—which is actually higher than the median for all unit types, according to our map, shared below—but in a slice of Hunters Point, one-bedrooms ask $2,600.

The northern part of Greenwich Village (↑) is where deal-seekers should look. At $3,200 per month, one-bedrooms located between 10th and 13th streets east of Sixth Avenue are more than 13 percent cheaper than one-bedrooms in the rest of the neighborhood, which list for about $3,700.

In Greenpoint (↑), deals are a little harder to come by. Zumper puts the neighborhood median for one-bedrooms at $2,400 (StreetEast puts all unit types at $2,600), but they can be found for $2,250. Interestingly, this "cold pocket" is located pretty centrally in the neighborhood.

For renters in Chelsea (↑), the area between the Penn South complex and Penn Station seems to be the cheapest area. One-bedrooms across the whole neighborhood command $3,900 per month, but in this six-block area, they go for $3,400.

[More information about this map here.]

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