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Supertall Tower Will Likely Replace Old Subway Inn

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Photo by Max Touhey.

The erstwhile site of beloved dive bar Subway Inn, a 60th Street stronghold for 77 years that's reopened two short blocks away on Second Avenue, looks like it really will be replaced by none other than sky-high condos. Crain's reports that site-owner World Wide Group has put an assemblage of six parcels, including the old Subway Inn's, on the market for development. The lots can give rise to a tower that covers 280,000 square feet and is up to 1,000 feet tall, with an added boost if affordable housing is included, which would make it the tallest building in Midtown East.

The Times earlier reported that a tower may rise on the Bloomingdale's-adjacent site, but the listing more or less confirms it. The assemblage of 143 to 161 East 60th Street comes with 200 feet of frontage between Third and Lex, and is expected to fetch over $300 million. If it does, it will be one of the priciest parcels per square foot ever sold in the city.
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Old Subway Inn

143 East 60th Street New York, NY