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NYU Is 'Optimistic' That Court Will Approve Expansion

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Even though everybody hates NYU, the Very Hungry University is "optimistic" that the New York State Court of Appeals will approve its controversial expansion plans, Crain's reports.

On Tuesday, the court heard oral arguments from the lawyers of NYU and the myriad groups that oppose the proposed $6 billion expansion.The court is currently considering whether or not Laguardia Park—the site for a proposed 2 million square feet of new campus space—is "implied park land" (or, in other words, a "park") which would require the University to get special permission from the state legislature in order to take over the site.

In January 2014, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that the expansion required state approval, halting NYU's plans. However, in October, an appellate court reversed that decision. NYU's opponents filed an appeal earlier this year, with 22 state legislators supporting the suit.

Earlier this week, former Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe penned an attack on the project's opponents in The Times. He argued that the "self-styled park protectors are actually threatening green and open spaces around the state" and that the city will be less likely to ever designate "temporary" parks (like community gardens) if the land cannot be used in the future for "other important municipal needs."
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