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7 Years Later, Ben Shaoul Finally Removes Illegal Penthouse

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Long before he was converting old Verizon buildings into pricey condos, developer Ben Shaoul sledgehammering his way through the East Village and plopping illegal tumors on old tenement buildings. And now, nearly seven years after he was ordered to do so, Shaoul is finally righting one of his wrongs. EV Grieve reports that the illegal addition at 515 East 5th Street is being demolished. The Board of Standards and Appeals first deemed the enlargement illegal in late 2008, and Shaoul's legal team managed to hold things up until now.

The BSA gave Shaoul until the end of July to removed the penthouse. EV Grieve says the BSA wanted proof that the penthouse had been demolish, and "then the BSA will reopen hearings on the variances that Shaoul and Co. are requesting." Does that mean that Shaoul plans to rebuild?

Shaoul had also built an illegal addition on 514-516 East 6th Street, but he removed that in September 2013.
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