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Feds: Second Avenue Subway Opening Is (Kind Of) On Schedule

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Like a bat out of hell, the Federal Transit Administration has come out of nowhere and given the MTA a vote of confidence in opening the Second Avenue Subway's first phase as soon as early 2017; over a year prior to the feds' forecasted February 2018 arrival. Yes, this is the same Second Avenue Subway that has been plagued by setbacks, budget gaps, and other hijinks, and the same MTA that faces a funding crisis of epic proportions, but the Daily News reports that the whole shebang may open just months after the MTA anticipates linking the Q train to the new line.
The first phase of the Second Avenue Subway was originally supposed to open in June of 2014. Although it's now a year past that date, the president of the MTA's capital construction company says he's about 75- to 80-percent sure (which is really not all that sure) that the subway's first phase will be done by late 2016.
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