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See Inside the Colossal Abandoned Kingsbridge Armory

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When the Bronx's Kingsbridge Armory is converted into the world's largest ice center, surely many of the details dating the 100-plus-year-old facility back to its days as a place for munitions storage and as home to the 258th Field Artillery will be sanded, scrubbed, razed, and sealed over as part of its $345 million transformation. The forthcoming overhaul is a boon for the decrepit building; it's sat largely abandoned, but for the occassioal auto show or other large-scale event since the 1990s. With the overhaul looming, Nick Carr of Scouting NY visited the armory to revel in its vast open space—the drill floor is the size of two football fields, and the building itself covers nearly three city blocks—and its unseen corridors. Now, take what is likely a first and last look inside the armory's guts.

↑ The armory's gym was formerly used for boxing matches.

↑ There were rows of seats for spectators wanting to watch the fights.

↑ Behold, the creepiest lecture hall ever.

↑ Not really a place you'd want to sit in for a lecture today.

↑ This closet once held some pretty dangerous stuff.

↑ Inside on the building's notable turrets.

↑ Well, at least the entrance hall's in pretty good shape.

For more views inside the armory, jump on over to Scouting NY.
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Kingsbridge Armory

29 W. Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10468