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Karim Rashid Lets Facebook Fans Vote on New Building Facade

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Designer Karim Rashid has noticed that large groups of people in the neighborhoods where he designs buildings seem to have a problem with the designs, and so he is taking steps to make it look like public opinion is involved in his process by allowing his Facebook fans to vote on the facade for his new seven-apartment building at 30 Thompson Street in Soho. Of course, the people who tend to not like Rashid's designs are not going to like any of the four choices he gave, because they are all, as always, completely outlandish and entirely out of character for that block of Soho, or any block of anywhere. "I have had too many failures and have learned that design is a collaboration. One must listen and work within that culture or nothing will go to market or get built," Rashid said. It remains to be seen whether having listened to a self-selected group of people who liked his Facebook page will help him to get the project built.

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