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Truly Bizarre Dakota Pad Won't Give Up, Returns For $14.5M

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This apartment at the Dakota is one of the great mysteries of New York City real estate. It has been on and off the market for more than eight years (though its listing history has disappeared from StreetEasy), and the latest iteration of the listing is exactly the same as the last one. Same price. Same photos. Same brokerbabble—which, to be fair, is great brokerbabble: "Function and glamour. As fabulous as your fantasy. [...] 'The views are on the inside.'" Way back when, it was originally asking $19.5 million, but the current price is $14.5 million. The place is huge, with 10 rooms, 4,500 square feet, six fireplaces, and something called a "shaving closet," but the decor is...something else. One room is painted black, another room is entirely burnt orange, including the wall-to-wall carpeting, and yet another room is entirely mustard yellow, save for its shiny black half-circle bar. We've reach out to the brokers in hopes that they can explain just what the heck is happening.

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The Dakota

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