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Step Inside the First Complete Apartment at 432 Park Avenue

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Up until this point, views inside of the skyline-domineering 432 Park Avenue have been limited to renderings. But behold: ahead of the tower's fall move-ins, a few photographs of its first completed model unit have finally been released. The model is everything one would expect from a building with current availability between the $16.95 million and $82.5 million mark: the Deborah Berke-designed space, a 4,082 square foot half-floor residence on the 38th floor, has ritzy amenities like dual master bathrooms and flaunts luxe finishes like a marble breakfast bar in front of one the building's iconic 10-foot by 10-foot windows and statuary book-matched marble floors and walls in the master bathrooms. The apartment's furnishings are nothing to scoff at, either: a gold leaf Yves Klein coffee table, a hand-poured glass chandelier by John Pomp, and artwork by Ellsworth Kelly, amongst others, dots the three-bedroom apartment. Now behold, 432 Park Avenue's first complete apartment.

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432 Park Avenue

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