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Dumbo's Watchtower-Replacing Project Includes a Public Hotel

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Hotelier Ian Schrager has announced plans to bring his third Public Hotel to New York City (the first two are being developed on the Lower East Side and the far West Side) by converting one of the Watchtower buildings at Jared Kushner's and RFR's new Dumbo tech hub, Dumbo Heights. The building, at 30 stories and currently containing 508 rooms (all with kitchens), is large enough that Schrager will have a number of options at his disposal when it is turned over to him in 2017.

Schrager could turn the building into 600 rooms with space left over for multiple restaurants and meeting facilities. He tells the Post that he is considering "Brooklyn's answer to the Rainbow Room," an observatory restaurant at the top. He also, reportedly, has an idea for "a segment that might go head-to-head with Airbnb," whatever that means, calling it "the next generation of hotels and something on the edge of what is out there already."
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