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'Nerdy Poster' Creators on the Design Appeal of the Subway

Designer Hamish Smyth found more than the admiration of graphic design nerds everywhere when he, along with Pentagram colleague and co-creator Jesse Reed, re-released Massimo Vignelli's New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual via Kickstarter. The project, which successfully raised more than $800,000 to reissue a book about subway signage, also inadvertently introduced him to his girlfriend, Alex Daly, whose creative services agency, Vann Alexandra, supports crowdfunding campaigns. Staying true to form, the duo decided their next move should be collaborating on a graphic design-oriented Kickstarter, The New York City Subway: 468 stations. 1 poster, a grid of small signs representing every city subway stop, from 1st Av to Zerega Av. Curbed spoke with Smyth and Daly about their new project, which has already quadrupled its $29,800 fundraising goal, and the enduring appeal of subway signs.

"They look so similar and striking in black, they've become a total icon." >>