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Steinway Mansion's Grounds Torn Up for Upsetting Warehouses

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Queens preservationists are growing increasingly frustrated in their quest to save the Steinway Mansion—or, more accurately, the land around the Steinway Mansion—from new owners Sal Lucchese's and Philip Loria's plan to surround the landmarked building will 11 small warehouses. The trees surround the mansion were chopped down back in May and now a "seemingly endless amount of dirt and debris covers the hill the mansion sits upon," Queens Chronicle reports. Though groups like Friends of Steinway Mansion have objected to the changes, they are legal as long as the landmarked mansion itself isn't altered, and local politicians are reticent to get involved. "This is willful desecration of the first historical landmark to be named in Queens, and it is definitely a tragedy," said a board member of the Greater Astoria Historical Society. "If the mansion was located in Manhattan, this would never be accepted."

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Steinway Mansion

18-33 41st St, Astoria, NY 11105