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Curbed NY Seeks New Full-Time Editor. Is It You?

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Attention, would-be Curbed bloggers: effective this very second, we're looking for a New York City resident who is mainlined into the soul of the city to join this merry band as a full-time editor at Curbed NY. After two and a half dedicated years, co-Senior Editor Hana Alberts is moving on. Are you obsessed with all things neighborhoods, design, development, and real estate? Are you a quick, efficient writer comfortable managing freelancers and photographers while turning out newsy stories all day long? Do you have strong feelings about the 57th Street megatowers and any slight architectural change to the waterfront? If the answers are yes, yes, and yes, read on.

First, you need to live in New York City and, at some deep level, love New York City. We're hoping to find someone obsessed with some combination of the ins and outs of neighborhoods, real estate, architecture, design, parks, photography, history, and urban planning. Experience at design and shelter websites or publications is a plus, and real-world reportorial experience is a must. Beyond reporting, the job involves a certain amount of daily writing, and the ability to think big. Interest in social media —e.g., you use Twitter and enjoy it—is also a plus, as the gig involves a few responsibilities in that sphere.

Think you're up for the task? Here's how you apply.