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Blame Commuters For Making New York City So Crowded

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E.B. White's seminal work, "Here is New York," famously describes three types of city dwellers: the natives; the commuters; and the transplants. As the map above proves, that second population makes up a visibly massive percentage of the people who roam the streets and occupy the buildings of Manhattan and Brooklyn every (week)day. Created by Joe Lertola in 2007 and most recently covered by 6sqft, its resurfacing was prompted by a tweet from Amazing Maps. It's telling in that it elucidates the city's truly residential neighborhoods.

Sure, there are the Upper East and Upper West Sides, but there's also Jersey City, Roosevelt Island, and basically the entire eastern swath of Manhattan from Midtown south to Chinatown. Midtown is such a sad sack of daytime-only dwellers. It's interesting to wonder, though, if this map were re-made today, how would it look different? For one, the Financial District would for sure have more round-the-clock residents.

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