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Aby Rosen Puts 190 Bowery Up For Sale In Apparent Flip

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[Update: False alarm. 190 Bowery's actually not for sale. Curbed regrets the error.]

Aby Rosen doesn't really seem like the kind of guy who can't take the heat in the kitchen (because, let's be honest, he's the subject of a lot of heat), so it's kind of surprising that the stone-cold millionaire has turned around and put the development that's been bringing him the most attention in months past right back on the market. A tipster pointed out that the developer is taking offers for 190 Bowery, which might mean that Rosen's just been in it for the clams all along. Or, being that the property's listing says it'll be "delivered vacant," maybe his deal with the consortium of companies that planned to rent floors two through six fell through, leaving him scot free to probably make a couple million.

The listing doesn't curtail the use of the building, which means it might become pricey condos after all,

The open floor plans combined with the property being delivered vacant, offer an unusually large blank canvas for a developer or user to execute a myriad of potential visions, including a boutique residential condominium, a retail flagship, or a truly historic and one-of-a-kind single family residence. Regardless of the strategy, the end result will change the landscape of the Bowery for years to come and will be a project unmatched in the price premiums it obtains. · Listing: 190 Bowery [Cushman & Wakefield]
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190 Bowery

190 Bowery, New York, NY 10012