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JFK's Pet Terminal Will Feature Horse Showers, 'Poo Chute'

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More details have been revealed about The Ark, the JFK Airport's new luxury terminal for pets, livestock, and zoo animals, and the features of the 178,000-square-foot facility range from the ingenuous to the ridiculous. On the former end of the spectrum is the "poo chute," an angled floor in the cattle pen that allows manure to slide into a receptacle below. On the latter end is the $100/night "top-dog suite," which features a flatscreen TV, a human-sized bed, and a framed photo of the customer's choosing, "to make your pet feel even more at home." Other features include, in no particular order:

· 70 horse stalls with soft floors (so the horses don't irritate their hooves)
· a walking track for the horses
· equine showers
· private space for penguins because "they need to mate all the time"

· a 20,000-square-foot dog resort called Paradise 4 Paws
· bone-shaped splashing pools
· massage therapy for dogs
· "pawdicures with colored nail pawlish," according to the "chief barketing officer"
· a Cat Adventure Jungle

UPDATE: Even more renderings!

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