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Demo Signals Start of Work on 1,100-Foot Midtown Tower

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The massive Mercedes showroom near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel is not long for this world. A tipster sent a picture of the brutish building—which occupies most of the block bounded by 40th and 41st streets and Eleventh Avenue and the block-long Galvin Avenue—in the midsts of its demolition. The block-large site at 520 West 41st Street was snatched up by Silverstein Properties with plans to erect a 1,100-foot-tall residential tower with 1,400 apartments and a hefty retail component. Although demolition's plowing ahead, the developer has yet to file plans for the supertall tower with the Department of Buildings.

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520 West 41st Street

520 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036