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How Much for an East Village Co-op With 2 Almost-Bedrooms?

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PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from a listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments. Tomorrow we reveal the answer. And hey, no cheating!

What/Where: Debatable two-bedroom (basically, a studio with two alcoves) in an East Village co-op building
Maintenance: $320

This apartment bills itself as a "quintessential East Village 2 bedroom," but one of the bedrooms is 60 square feet and the other is only slightly larger and also just a doorless alcove in the living room. So, really, it's a studio apartment with two home offices (and a walk-in closet). Still, there's a lot to like, from the exposed brick to the low maintenance, to the large soundproof windows. The bathroom is not pictured, which doesn't bode well. How much do you think it's asking?

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