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MTA May Revive W Line to Queens Due to Second Ave. Subway

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Subway lines are like American Girl Dolls (uh, just bear with this wonky analogy): although their overseer may "retire" them, that doesn't mean they won't get unearthed and produced yet again in the future. And that's just what might happen with the erstwhile W train. As the city prepares to reroute the Q train to the new Second Avenue line (as early as late 2016!), amNewYork reports on good authority that the MTA may rehash the W line to take its place and serve the ever-busier area of northwest Queens. "That would be the sensible thing to do," a senior MTA board member, who just so happened to pitch the idea, told AMNY. An MTA spokesman confirmed that the agency was kicking around the idea, but hasn't committed to it or any others just yet. If the W is reinstated along its former path, millions of riders could travel express through Manhattan. It would also eliminate a transfer at 59th Street to the Lexington Avenue line for riders trying to reach downtown.

If reinstated, the W would run over existing track. The cost of running the erstwhile line would largely be limited to printing new signage. Whatever the MTA puts into effect when the Q is rerouted, it promises that service to northwest Queens won't be curtailed.
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