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Squibb Park Bridge Still Closed, to the Dismay of Locals

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On August 11, the Squibb Park Bridge, which connects the Brooklyn Heights promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park, will have been closed for a full year. The bridge (which was designed to bounce) was closed last summer after officials determined that it was moving too much. The closing was supposed to be temporary, but the reopening date was pushed back to "late spring" in October. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation said that work on the bridge was almost done in May, and yet it remains closed. The Times headed over to Brooklyn Heights to gauge the mood among residents, and, basically, no one, the Times included, knows what's going on but everyone is pretty peeved. "I feel like it should have been fixed by now," said one local, pretty much summing it up. A spokesperson for the BBPC said the bridge is "currently undergoing final inspections and awaiting occupancy permits from the city."

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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201