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Big Reveal: $725K for a 2-Almost-Bedroom East Village Co-op

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Yesterday's Pricespotter, a "quintessential East Village 2 bedroom" that's really more like a very nice zero-bedroom, is located on East 2nd Street between Bowery and 2nd Avenue, and it's asking $725,000. That means that this week's winner is Countess Luanne, who nailed it, writing, "If it's between Bowery and Avenue A, I'll say $725K, and farther east will ask $675K. That ultra low maintenance fee is certainly a great selling point, and if allowed would make an amazing investment." Unfortunately for would-be investors, the seller had the same thought and the listing specifies, "Please note that this is NOT an investor friendly unit."

· Listing: 32 East 2nd Street #10 [Elliman, via Streeteasy]
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