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'Versailles in Manhattan' Townhouse Chops Price to $25M

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The extravagant, eight-fireplace townhouse at 163 East 64th Street is back on the market, and, of course, we would be remiss not remind you of the interview its owner, commercial broker Kenneth D. Laub, gave the Observer in 2009, in which he said, that price cutting "shows that certain people are desperate to sell. They need the money, that's what it shows." At that time, the house, dubbed "Versailles in Manhattan" by one broker (everyone involved with this place is just so modest) was listed for $35 million. Since then it has undergone a number of price cuts as the listing has passed from brokerage to brokerage. It settled at $27.5 million for a few years before finally being cut down to its current price, $25 million. [EDIT: Elliman cut the price down to $25 million before the listing was passed on to Compass.] Compass, the sixth brokerage to try and sell the house for Laub, now has the listing.

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