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First Look at Boerum Hill's New 'Suburban' Townhouses

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Prolific developer Adam America's latest Brooklyn project is in Boeurm Hill, and it's not, shockingly, another giant box of rentals. The developer is bringing five new townhouses to Bond Street, and the Times has the first rendering and all the details. Permits for the houses were filed last year, and the houses will be located at nos. 73 to 79. They'll each measure about 4,100 square feet over six levels, and prices will start at $4.4 million. Sales will start this month.

Architect Ben Hansen, whose own contemporary townhouse is just around the corner, designed the Bond Street houses. With "tan Danish brick facades and brown zinc panels by the windows," the townhouses will look decidedly modern compared to their red brick neighbors. Inside, the lowest level will be the subcellar, which will have a screening room and a bar. The cellar will have a one-car garage that connects to a private alley that the five homes will share. The first floor will be an open living/dining/entertaining floor, and the bedrooms will be on the upper levels. Per the rendering, it also looks like the houses will have rooftop terraces. The sales manager from Halstead told the Times, "These townhouses are almost suburban," presumably meaning that in a positive way.

The quintuplets are joining a slew of other new Brooklyn townhouses to be built in the last few years, including 23 others nearby on State Street.
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