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Envisioning a Smaller, Garden-Saving Expansion for the Frick

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Just over a year ago, the Frick Collection unveiled renderings of its proposed expansion, which would've added gallery space, offices, a conservation lab, an auditorium, educational facilities, and a rooftop terrace. A firestorm of controversy subsequently erupted, with critics lambasting the plan ("banal and inelegant," anyone?)—in part because it would eliminate a beloved garden designed by British landscape architect Russell Page. All the backlash promoted the storied Frick to nix the expansion and go back to the drawing board. They've yet to come up with a revised proposal, but Unite to Save the Frick has. First detailed in the Architect's Newspaper, the interest group tapped architect David Helpern to design a smaller, more conservative addition that would add some new features but also save Page's garden. Have a look.

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