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Long-Delayed Battery Park Carousel Will Finally Open in August

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After nearly a decade in the works, the SeaGlass Carousel in The Battery—the new, official name of Battery Park as of May—will finally avail itself to the public. The nautical-themed ride will open on August 20th, and offer visitors the chance to envelop themselves in an imitation underwater environment (but with oxygen and without water) for $5 a pop. The carousel was designed by WXY Architecture, and its 30 fiberglass fish were created by George Tsypin Opera Factory. As of late May, deep-pocketed patrons still had the opportunity to sponsor a fish for a mere $100,000.

A press release for the carousel's opening uses some pretty flowery language to describe the delayed ride,

Unique among carousels worldwide, SeaGlass motors lie under the floor—allowing full visibility across and around the shell, with no center post—and visitors sit within the figures rather than atop them. Instead of "riding" the fish as one would on a typical carousel, visitors will "become" fish while gliding through the sights and sounds of a 360° aquatic adventure. [Update: Pining to see the ride? Untapped Cities has a sneak peek.]
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