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New Competition Seeks to Replace City's Sidewalk Sheds

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[Via Jason Kuffer/Curbed Photo Pool]

Sidewalk sheds are ubiquitous on the streets of New York (last year, The Times reported that there are 189 miles of them all told) and serve an important purpose, shielding pedestrians from construction debris. But is there a better alternative to the dark, twisting tunnels to which New Yorkers are so accustomed?

The New York Building Congress has announced an architectural competition that will hopefully answer that question. The competition will challenge architects and others in the construction industry to submit proposals for alternative designs. Richard Anderson, president of the Building Congress, said that they are specifically looking for proposals that "are more aesthetically pleasing and every bit as functional" as the current sheds that dot our sidewalks.

"In the course of their daily lives, millions of New Yorkers are forced to encounter sidewalk sheds that can best be describe as dark, constrictive and forbidding," added chairman Tom Scarangello. "It's time we stopped treating their design as an afterthought."

The four winners will be awarded $10,000 in total.
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