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Million Dollar Listing New York S4E12: Times Are a Changin'

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It's Season 4 of Million Dollar Listing New York, where three brokers, Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant, show the world what it takes to sell high-priced New York City apartments. Check in each week for recaps by Angela Bunt. Episode air date: 7/1/2015.

The season finale of Million Dollar Listing New York picks up right where the show left off last week, with Ryan fretting over the sale of 514 Broome Street, a rare, freestanding townhouse in Soho. Through his charm and powers of persuasion, Ryan has convinced Roger, the client who threatened to fire him, to give him one more crack at selling the quirky 1930s house. Not only that, but he's also convinced Roger to hand over his rolodex—all 22,000 contacts (I mean, who actually has that many friends?)—because Ryan believes the buyer exists within said list. He splits up contact numbers evenly amongst himself and his team, and they all jump on the horn. Ryan says, "No one is allowed to go home until you're done."

Since developer Zach Vella isn't providing a sales gallery for his Tribeca development 290 West Street, Fredrik has had to continue his "off-site" showings. Last week it was a boat, and this week it's the showroom that houses all of the high-end finishes that will be included in the building's units. He shows buyers marble countertops and sleek cabinetry, assuring them that everything is fully customizable. "Close your eyes and pretend that you live here," he tells them. And it seems like his powers of persuasion might be working.

Now let's get to the real drama of the episode: Ryan and Luis. Last week, we learned that the tenant Luis is trying to get out of 230 Central Park South is the same person being represented by Ryan. If the tenant won't leave, Luis doesn't have a buy out, and his project with Ian Reisner—to create a massive, full-floor home in the building—will be a bust. Ryan and his client are holding all the power, thus an apartment that normally would be worth around $1.5 million is going to cost a helluva lot more. Like, $8.5 million more. That's right: Ryan and his client are pricing the coveted two bedroom digs at $10 million dollars. Luis meets with Ryan to try and strike a deal (ugh, so awkward) and talk him down off whatever ledge of insanity he has himself perched. But, as you can imagine, it doesn't go so well.

Tensions flare as they negotiate a price. Luis offers up $1.5 million, Ryan counters with $5 million. Luis counters with $2 million, smoke basically coming out of his nose, and Ryan sits down next to him and touches his arm. "Don't touch me bro," Luis snaps. Oh God, it's like the pocket square incident all over again! With personal jabs being made left and right, you can't help but wish these two would just get drunk and become besties like they were at the end of season 3. I miss those days. Luis gets up to pee (and hopefully to go meditate), and comes back to an offer of $4 million. "Tell him we've maxed out at $2.5 million," Luis says. And the deal is off... for now.

Freddy heads over to Zach Villa's villa to give him an update on sales at 290 West. Without any sales gallery, and a building that's completely under construction, he's still managed to sell out 50 percent of the units. "That pays the bank back," says Zach. Goddammit Zach, why do you always have to be so smug?! But enough about business, Fredrik also has a personal request: "We want you to be godfather for Mila." Hmm, is that a smile I see cracking over Zach's face? They toast in celebration and hug it out. Awww...

After calling up all of Roger's ex-lovers, coworkers, frat brothers from college, and God knows who else, Ryan and his team have found a potential buyer for his $10 million townhouse at Broome Street. The two meet for dinner where Ryan presents him with an initial offer... of $7 million. "Are you f*cking kidding me??!" Roger yells. Geez, watch the language buddy, we're in public here. Ryan quickly calms him down by telling him they have yet another offer for $10 million, to which Roger says "let's do it." (Spoiler alert: the townhouse actually sells for $6.9 million. Glad we aren't around to see that play out.)

After a failed negotiation with Ryan, Luis now has to update crazy-pants Ian Reisner about Ryan's bloated offer of $4 million for units 12E/F. With spit flying out of his mouth Ian says, "Four million dollars is ridiculous. At four million, there is zero margin in it for me." Uhhh, aren't you planning on flipping the whole apartment for $25 million? How is $1 million over budget going to make a difference? Oy. Developers. Unsurprised by his emotional response, Luis already has a new plan of action: they're going to throw a huge party (yassss season finale party!) and show Ryan and his client that they'll be moving forward with renovations regardless. Once the tenant sees they no longer "need" to buy out his unit, the value will drop and he'll be stuck inside with Midtown's tallest skyscraper blocking every window, until he inevitably caves to their will. First person on the invite list? Ryan Serhant. Naturally.

Back in Fredrikville, it's time for him to get creative. Even more creative than throwing an open house on a ship, or taking buyers to see their apartment finishes at a show room. He's having a business meeting with "a very important client" arriving from London. There's rose petals, expensive champagne, and a harp player all sitting amongst the construction on the top floor of 290 West Tribeca. But... who could the client be? Dun dun dun...

Luis's "fake" open house party is kicking off, and although he has no intentions of actually trying to sell the 230 Central Park South apartment in its current state, he's still invited a slew of brokers and buyers to the shindig. There are renderings on the wall, and lots of booze and finger sandwiches. Lots and lots of finger sandwiches. But none of it matters if Ryan doesn't show up, and so far he's nowhere to be seen.

Fredrik's client has arrived and it's... Derek! Awwww. He's invited him there to show him their new home. That's right: Fredrik and Derek have sold their old Chelsea loft and purchased one of Zach Vella's amazing new waterfront apartments. (Which is kind of unoriginal, considering Ryan totally already did that this season.) The two lovingly gaze into each other's eyes as they discuss their future, and they agree that no matter where they live, their relationship is always most important. And then Fredrik cries. Because Fredrik always cries.

Luis's party is well underway and still no sign of Ryan... until he walks in. The two cut right to the chase: Ryan has "worked his ass off" for Luis (my how the tables have turned) and has gotten the seller, Michael, to come down to $3 million. Which is still a 100 percent markup from the apartment's actual worth. Luis tells him he has a deal, and the two shake hands. In fact, Luis even thanks Ryan for bringing out the best in him as a broker. Ryan tells him he hates him but he loves him at the same time, and then they finally get drunk and bro down again just like old times. Yay! Everybody wins.

It seems as though each year is crazier than the last, and Ryan reflects on all of his achievements throughout the season: selling out multi-million dollar developments, driving around a racetrack with a crazy Russian client, moving in with and proposing to Emilia, and them purchasing their first apartment together. Of course, all that will mean nothing if she ends up taking her promotion in Geneva, Switzerland, and moving out of New York. The two take a nighttime stroll, and she tells Ryan she has a surprise for him. "Why are you taking me to a furniture store?" he asks. "We need nice furniture now that I'm going to stay in New York and turn down the job in Switzerland." It's official—Ryan's got the girl, he's got the career... it seems he's got it all. "If I could, I would go back in time, and I would go up to my little kid self and I would just say: you made it."

After a year of professional and personal highs and lows, Luis has finally found what really matters. And that's to surround himself with great people. Not only has he hired three additional members onto the team, but he's also making more of an effort to spend time with loved ones. Family pictures have finally been put up in his apartment, and we seem him throwing a dinner party for his friends and family. That's right, we get to meet Luis's brother at the end of the episode! Says Luis, "This year is going to be the best," and he and his house guests toast.

And finally, there's Fredrik. While he's still the number one broker in all of New York City, he says it's almost like the end of an era. After publishing his first real estate book, it's time for him to put his career on the back burner. His top priority now? Derek and Mila. "To have family, to be in love, and to have Mila. It's finally a reality."

Until next year...
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