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Aerial Photos Show New Views of NYC's Most Famous Buildings

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Aerial photographer Jeffrey Milstein made his name photographing planes as they pass overhead, but he's turned that idea upside down for his latest show at Chelsea's Benrubi Gallery. As CityLab describes it, NY LA, which features gorgeous aerial photographs of its namesake cities, was born out of Milstein's curiosity about what was behind the tall fences that lined the suburbs of his west coast hometown. "I would be interested to get a helicopter and photograph these houses," Milstein told City Lab of the thought process that first spawned the bi-coastal aerial series. Milstein now makes his home in New York, and captured some of its most interesting buildings in unusual ways. From the sky, the Metropolitan Museum of Art looks like a Transformer and Stuy Town could almost be confused for a slice of suburbia.

↑ The Met in the early evening looks a little bit ominous from above.

↑ The Museum of Natural History.

LA NY is on view at the Benrubi Gallery from through August 22.
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