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Demolition Scheduled for 149-Year-Old Brooklyn Church

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The Church of the Redeemer in Boerum Hill, ultimately located too close to the Barclays Center to survive, is scheduled to be demolished in the fall, according to a sign posted on a construction fence. The 149-year-old church, which was construction in 1866, the year after the Civil War ended, served a congregation of immigrants from the Caribbean and West Indies until the Long Island Episcopal Diocese made the decision to close it in 2010, citing the dwindling congregation and structural issues. It was sold in 2014 to investment company the Jackson Group for $20 million.

Although the community's efforts to save the church came up short, parts of the structure will be preserved and repurposed, with Harlem-based company Demolition Depot selling off its stained-glass windows, hand-cut stone doorways, fencing, light fixtures, pressed-tin ceilings, and other original details.

The Jackson Group has yet to announce its intentions for the site, but a mixed-use building with condos seems likely.
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