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Triplex Penthouse Gets $2M More Expensive, For Some Reason

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This triplex penthouse in Midtown's The Platinum was listed almost a year ago for $18,888,800. Having failed to sell, the listing has been passed from Modern Spaces to Sotheby's, and the price has risen, inexplicably, to $21 million. You know what they say: if people don't want to pay $19 million for something, maybe they'll want to pay $21 million? Probably worth a shot? The apartment, which includes parts of the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th floors, features 25-foot-high ceilings and a 41-foot-long terrace.

· Listing: 247 West 46th Street PH-2/4202 [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]
· Triplex Penthouse in The Platinum Wants $19 Million [Curbed]