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West Village Chocolate Factory Might Give Way to Huge Condos

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In a lengthy bit of reporting, DNAinfo has discovered that the owner of the Koopers Chocolate factory at 39 Clarkson Street between Greenwich and Hudson streets wants to convert the industrially-zoned building into—we'll give you one guess—condos. According to a letter filed on behalf of Jeff Alexander, third-generation Koppers owner, with the Board of Standards and Appeals, the building that Koppers is leaving behind for a space nearly twice as large in Sunset Park no longer suits the needs of modern manufacturing. But for large apartments with walk in closets, en suite bathrooms, and terraces? It's perfect.

A proposal Alexander and his lawyers submitted to the city details a plan to lob off a back portion of the West Village building in favor of transferring the floor area to three new floors and creating a private backyard for one of the building's handful of new apartments. According to DNAinfo, the plans say that every bedroom will have an en suite bathroom, with all apartments except for a small ground floor studio that'll probably go to the landlord having private outdoor space. Plans call for rather large apartments with three to five bedrooms, with two duplexes on the first and second, and eighth and ninth floors. The building plan also calls for underground automated parking for four cars, bike parking, and a subterranean media room and play room.

Alexander submitted the plan to the Board of Standards and Appeals in March, but the board has yet to schedule a public review and hearing for the application.
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