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These 3 Grand Castle Mansions In the Bronx Are Up For Grabs

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Castles: a perfectly respectable form of architecture in Europe, but in the United States, not so much. In the Bronx, especially. Bronx castles sound like a rare breed, but they're more common than one would think, especially in the ritzy enclaves of Fieldston and Riverdale. Take for instance this massive nine-bedroom castle that has been on the market for all of a week. If it is to suffer the same fate as so many other Bronx castles, a week might become years. The property's brokers are getting creative with marketing this bad boy, which basically just means its listing reads like a transcribed house tour gushing with personal anecdotes ("I built this house to last forever... And I put my heart and soul into it. See those cobblestones, I laid those all myself, and built this back entrance. No, I don't use it, but someone can.") It's truly bizarre, but if it works, it works.

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↑ Curbed's very first Monday Mansion was this 5,000-square-foot French Provincial-style castle in Fieldston, which just goes to show how long it's been sitting on the market (since March 22, 2011, to be exact.) Although this entire house with five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, "tall oak double doors with forged ironwork" and a "whimsical breakfast room" situated in the kitchen turret is asking as much as much smaller, more mediocre Manhattan apartments, location is king. It doesn't hurt, though, that this place is only half a mile from the subway. Some people in the East Village definitely hoof it further to get to the Second Avenue F stop. The 1926-built house is asking $3.55 million, which is even way less than some other Bronx castles. [StreetEasy]

↑ This "magnificent Norman-style mansion" has been on and off the market since late 2007, when it was first listed for $12.7 million. The property's taken a $4.1 million hit since then and is now asking $8.6 million. It's listing paints a colorful picture of what buyers can expect (and that turns out to be a lot of lawn maintenance.) The house is set on 1.6 acres of "grassy lawns, foliage, and mature trees." The main house, built in the very non-medieval era of the 1930s, has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and three half bathrooms, two turrets, seven fireplaces, and an indoor heated swimming pool. The property also comes with an outdoor swimming pool with a waterfall, and a carriage house that predates the house and is set up as a six-room office with a kitchen and two apartments. There's also an attached garage. [StreetEasy]

· Listing: 4645 Delafield Avenue [Elliman via StreetEasy]
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