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Another NYC Councilman Vows to Stop Megatowers

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City Councilman Ben Kallos is adding his voice to the chorus of New Yorkers decrying the enormous megatowers that are popping up all over Midtown, and has announced that he will host a public forum on July 23 to discuss the idea of working on zoning changes that put a height cap on new buildings based on what neighborhood they're in. "If we create a city where every building is 200 stories tall, the only people who will get light are the people on the top floor," the councilman said. "Everyone else would live in the shadow of the rest." In particular, Kallos wants to limit the height of the Bauhouse Group's planned 426-432 East 58th Street, which is located in the Sutton Place neighborhood that he represents, and which the neighbors have already come out against.

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