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Big Reveal: $1.2M for a Renovated Greenwich Village Loft

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Practically everyone who guessed on this week's Pricespotter was right in the ballpark, and two commenters actually nailed the price exactly. As MidC Frank and Frankensteinburg guessed, the renovated duplex loft in 39 East 12th Street is asking $1.2 million. And honorably mention to tomnevers and The Duece, both of whom guessed $1.195 million. "The bones and finishes are attractive. That staircase makes me nervous just looking at it," The Duece added. "All I can imagine is either A) being buzzed and falling off, or B.) a mid-sleep urgent need that means I need to run down them. No thanks, I would personally need a bathroom on the 2nd floor."

· Listing: 39 East 12th Street #108 [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]
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