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Mysterious, Once Stalled Long Island City Project Takes Shape

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The long-stalled site of Long Island City's Star Tower is finally on the rise, although exactly what is rising is sort of unclear. The property at 28-02 42nd Road has been eyed for a large residential building since even before 2008, but plans for the construction were laid to rest alongside Lehman Brothers. Don't call it a comeback just yet, but something's going on at the site. Court Square Blog reports that excavation work on the long-empty lot is now complete, with foundation work underway. A fencepost rendering of the project depicts a rather tall building that kind of looks like a plan revealed in 2008 for Star Tower. Although the developer changed hands in December, Joseph Sultana, who is credited as project architect, still refers to the project as Star Tower on his firm's website.

[Update: Commenter NYC Realtor FTW. It seems as though the pictured site is not 28-02 42nd Road and rather 27-17 42nd Road, as NYC Realtor suggests. The property did trade hands in late 2014, as Court Square Blog suggests. Additionally, DoB filings for 27-17 42nd Road reflect architect Jospeh Sultana's involvement.

The project's Schedule A calls for a 25-story apartment building with indoor and outdoor recreation space, parking for 49 bicycles, and automated parking for 28 cars.]

Word on the street back in 2008 was that the development would have an indoor "waterfall Jacuzzi room" (whatever that is). Hopefully that's still the case, because why not. Curbed has reached out to architect Joseph Sultana to find out what the heck is going on. Stay tuned.
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