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Williamsburg Condo Building Isn't Sure What It Wants to Be

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Another day, another (East) Williamsburg warehouse is set to be torn down and replaced by a new condo building. This one is located at 21 Powers Street and is being developed by the prolific Slate Property Group, who paid $21 million for this and another East Williamsburg site last year. Though projects like this one are springing up all over the neighborhood, 21 Powers at least has the distinction of having a really weird design, courtesy of the Meshberg Group. "We wanted to make it feel very modern but with some notes of the past. It doesn't look like a warehouse, but something that respects the warehouse-iness of the neighborhood and looks residential," Slate principal David Schwartz told NY YIMBY. They also, going by the renderings, wanted it to feel like a building surrounded by stately brownstones with cornices, which, going by Google Streetview, it is not.

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