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The 10 Hottest New York City Homes With Private Pools

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It finally feels like summer around here, and the heat has New Yorkers waiting in line for a chance to possibly swim with hundreds of other sweaty city dwellers running for the nearest swimming hole, of which there are plenty nearby. Public pools and beaches certainly get the job done, but the long, hot slog to the Atlantic Ocean just highlights the ultimate luxury that we're missing out on: a private pool. Dozens of under-construction developments will feature private pools, but they are still a rarity in New York homes. And those that do exist are attached to apartments and townhouses asking millions of dollars. But oh, how lovely they are. We've rounded up the best homes with private pools on the market right now, so take a gander and dare to dream. Or seethe with jealously and hop on the Beach Bus.
—Wesley Yiin

Location: 18 Gramercy Park
This penthouse, which was put on the market earlier this year by Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, has a terrace with an "infinity pool"—but you won't be doing infinite swimming in it. Actually, you probably can't move in it at all. Hey, at least the place has a whirlpool as well, on a different terrace. All this and more for close to $50 million.

Location: 55 Warren Street
We're coming up on five years since the four units at 55 Warren first went on sale, and the poor Tribeca penthouse, which includes a small-ish terrace pool and an 80-color light show, is still on the market. StreetEasy has it listed for $14 million, which is less than the original asking price of $16.5 million, but more than the first pricechop of $12 million.

Location: 232 East 63rd Street
Ukrainian billionaire Alexander Rovt renovated his Upper East Side townhouse with the Palace of Versailles in mind—but does Versailles have a pool? Doesn't matter! This opulent mansion has tons of other wonderful features, such as a billiards room, terraces on every floor, a rooftop garden, and a Rolls Royce. It's yours for $21.5 million.

Location: 296 West End Avenue
This Brighton Beach mansion sits on 17,000 square feet of private property, but it's actually one of the cheaper residences on this list, priced at $8 million. More importantly, the pool is sizable and outdoors—and was the site of a hippie wedding of some sort. You could say it's a "versatile space."

Location: 60 Collister Street
The pool pictured here may look like something you'd find as a luxury condo or hotel amenity, but it's actually part of a private residence in Tribeca. Still, that hasn't done much in helping sell this triplex, which recently transformed from a $19 million listing into a $65,000/month rental. Which are you more likely to go for?

Location: 2304 East 66th Street, Mill Basin, Brooklyn
The photos here don't do a great job of showing the outdoor pool that comes with this $3.6 million mansion, but you can get a sense of how it fits in with this "spectacular French Chateau."

Location: 118 East 83rd Street
The pool here didn't exist in the original building, which served as J.P. Morgan's carriage house. It was subsequently added in a rather strange location: the eat-in kitchen. (The floor slides open and closed, thereby preserving both functions.) It still looks quite pleasant, but it feels a little weird seeing the pool in a room adjacent to the living room and kitchen. This unit is also a rental, asking $80,000/month.

Location: 2 North Moore Street
Yet another Tribeca listing, this 11,200-square-foot mansion contains not just a pool, but a three-car garage, a private gym, an art studio, and more. The owner, financier Mark Zittman, bought the place in 2010 for $24 million, and now it's back on the market for almost two times that price: $46 million.

Location: 4547 Livingston Avenue, the Bronx
This Fieldston mansion might not be a castle, but it does have a stellar indoor pool. It's also huge. It measures 10,450 square feet, thanks to an expansion, and, in addition to the lap pool, fun features include a jacuzzi, a heated driveway to melt the snow, Jerusalem stone and Venetian plaster walls, multiple dining rooms, and a tent-equipped terrace that can seat 100. It's asking $6.2 million.

Location: 116 Waverly Place
Closing out our pool round up is this Greenwich Village apartments-to-single-family-mansion conversion that spans five spacious floors, a cellar, and roof space. The pool, possibly the sweetest of this bunch, offers a beautiful view of the neighborhood down below, as pictured in these ambient photos. But unless you have $34 million on hand, this view might have to live in your dreams for now.
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—Wesley Yiin

55 Warren Street

55 Warren Street, New York, NY

60 Collister Street

60 Collister Street, New York, NY

18 Gramercy Park

18 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY 10003

2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013