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Two More Big Developments May Rise on Astoria's Waterfront

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Astoria's northern waterfront might be getting two more mega-developments. Crain's reports that Studio V is working on two master site designs for developments comparable in scale to Hallets Point and Astoria Cove, which border the properties along the Queens waterfront. The two sites sit north of 26th Avenue between 2nd and 4th streets and measure about eight acres in total, or roughly the size of a city block. The sites, which may give rise to two independent developments, are split where 3rd Street formerly bisected the lots. Planning is in its infant stages. "The important thing here is there's an opportunity to integrate the entire waterfront in that part of Astoria," Studio V's principal, Jay Valgora, told Crain's. Valgora's referring to the possibility of an uninterrupted 2.5 mile greenway between Astoria Park—north east of Astoria Cove—and Rainey Park—south of Hallets Point.

Studio V is also behind the master plan for Alma Realty's 1,723-unit Astoria Cove project and Durst Organization's 2,404-apartment development Hallets Point, meaning if their plans for the two lots are a go, Studio V will be largely responsible for transforming the entire stretch of waterfront.
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