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Billionaire's Nonexistent Megamansion Already Costs $78M

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Earlier this year, Roman Abramovich—the billionaire owner of Chelsea FC and this ridiculous thing—purchased not one, not two, but three adjacent townhouses on the Upper East Side, with the ambitious goal of knocking them all down and building one enormous megamansion. Now, The Daily News reports that Abramovich has closed (under an LLC, duh) on the last of these properties at 13 East 75th Street for $30 million. Add that to the $48 million he's already spent on the neighboring buildings, and Abramovich's total investment is pushing a whopping $80 million. And construction on this little pet project hasn't even started yet.

If Abramovich is able to navigate the thorny preservation laws affecting the block, he could end up building one of the largest private homes in the city. But, if we're being totally honest, such a level of personal excess and opulence isn't all that shocking these days. If he really wanted to blow our minds, Abramovich would build a secret lunar base or try to block out the sun.
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