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Related's 35 Hudson Yards Gets New Renderings

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As Hudson Yards continues its outlandish growth, no building seems to have undergone more changes than no. 35—the 1,000-foot, 79-story mixed-use tower that will hold both condos and a hotel. Now, YIMBY has gotten its hands on yet another set of renderings; hopefully everyone likes the new designs, considering the city is basically footing the bill for the damn thing!

In any event, the new designs for 35 Hudson Yards appear to emphasize dramatic setbacks and a difference in color compared to the other four buildings in the West Side megagroject, with YIMBY speculating that the facade may be made of terra cotta or a similar material. These setbacks will also allow for a huge outdoor area which may hold a pool.

The Department of Buildings is currently processing the necessary paperwork for the for the David Childs/SOM-designed tower, which will likely be completed by 2018 or 2019.
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