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Citi Bike to Open Fewer Stations Than Everyone Thought

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According to The Post, the city will get a much smaller number of new Citi Bike stations than initially proposed.

Despite initial reports of a significant Citi Bike expansion coming in late 2015, it turns out that the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side will respectively see only 21 and 27 new stations, not the previously reported 39 stations each. These new Manhattan stations will join 79 new stations in Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, and Williamsburg, and 12 new stations in Long Island City, which are set to begin opening in August. By September, the city will have 139 new stations.

Of course, the proposals for the new stations were met with the expected uproar on the Upper West Side, otherwise known as the NIMBYest neighborhood to ever cry NIMBY. "When I leave the house, I don't want to be bombarded by a bunch of bicycles," one guy tells The Post, perhaps exaggerating just a teensy bit.

Still, as StreetsBlog points out, this expansion could actually be a disaster for the entire system: if the Department of Transportation is unable to "maintain a sufficient density of stations" in the new zones, the reliability of the embattled bike-sharing program will decrease drastically.
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