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Aby Rosen Taps New Team For Four Seasons Restaurant Space

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Seagram Building owner Aby Rosen really is doing away with the Four Seasons Restaurant, and will be padding the iconic Philip Johnson-designed space with a new hospitality team and eatery when the Four Seasons' lease expires next July. The Post reports that Rosen has tapped downtown restaurant dream team Major Food Group, behind spots like Carbone, Dirty French, and Santina, to move into the iconic space that the Four Seasons has lived in since 1959, when the Seagram Building was first erected. Major Food Group will open a new restaurant, not called the Four Seasons, and have control of both the Pool and Grill rooms. The team will also take over The Brasserie space, although Eater says that room will have a different menu and feel then the more formal rooms.

Although Rosen's plans to renovate the landmarked modernist interior were unanimously shut down by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in May, the developer has since snarkily snarked that "We can change everything" in the room, including a glass room divider whose removal the Landmarks Commission expressed its disdain for. "It's a loose item, so you can pick it up and move it anywhere you want," Rosen earlier told New York Magazine. Rosen and the Torrisi team plan to update some of the restaurant's interiors, including lighting and leather upholstery, when the Four Seasons moves out, "We are not desecrating," Rosen told the Times in reference to fears that his updates would destroy the delicate balance of interiors an fixtures in the room, "I think we are respecting and celebrating."
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