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Peek Inside the Woolworth Building's $110M Penthouse

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The condo conversion of the Woolworth Building is one of New York's the most watched and highly anticipated new development; the once tallest building in the world is a beloved stunner, so everyone wants to see if the conversion will do it justice. Work is well underway, but the 34 condos won't be ready for residents until 2017. During a tour with the Daily News, Alchemy Properties CEO Kenneth Horn, the developer of the project, says that the Woolworth Building is "clearly the most complicated" development they have worked on. Only the top 30 floors will be converted, so the relationship between the top and the bottom is tricky, but also, Horn says, "but every time you open up the walls, you're finding things that are 100 years old. We actually opened up one wall and found newspapers from 1913, 1914." The video gives a tantalizing glimpse inside the under-construction, seven-level penthouse, which will list for an astounding $110 million.

UPDATE: The marketing team reached out with disappointing news. The video actually does not go inside the penthouse (which they are calling "the pinnacle"). It's some other expensive condo on the 41st floor of the building. Still cool, but not as cool.

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