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NYers Want Christopher Park To Be a National Monument

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On the heels of the late June landmarking of the historic Stonewall Inn, some city dwellers are suggesting that Christopher Park, just across the street from the site that's heralded as the birthplace of the LGBTQ movement, be dubbed a national monument. If the request gains traction, Christopher Park would be the first national site to be recognized for its importance in the LGBTQ rights movement. DNAinfo reports that Manhattan Community Board 2 has penned a resolution to the National Park Service asking them to consider the site for designation.
DNAinfo says that national monuments—assigned sites throughout the country include the Statue of Liberty and Grand Canyon—are designated through congressional legislation or a proclamation from the president, often preceded by a lengthy review process. The monument CB2 is proposing includes the facade of Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, and a bit of Christopher Street. President Barak Obama noted Stonewall's historical importance to the civil rights movement in his second inaugural address, which leads CB2 members and resolution supporters to think that the president may be receptive to the designation.
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