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15 Central Park West Duplex Returns for an Inexplicable $65M

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Because the super luxury market is completely batshit and makes literally no sense whatsoever, the owner of penthouse 18/19B at 15 Central Park West has relisted the condo for $65 million (h/t the Observer). Now, in a world filled with apartments asking way more than that, the price may, at first glance, not seem so ridiculous. But let's put this in perspective: this same condo sold a year ago for $48 million (the second most expensive sale ever for the building), so what on earth has happened to make it worth $17 million more? By the looks of it, very little, and more likely, absolutely nothing. The brokerbabble does its best to paint a picture of the duplex, which spans 5,610 square feet and features a 42-foot long terrace, four bedrooms, a library, and "study/exercise room."

Given that Lerory Schecter's once $95 million penthouse is all the way down to a paltry $55 million, there is very little hope that this duplex will actually fetch $65 million. It couldn't sell for $62 million before, so why would it now?

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023