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30 Park Place Reveals Sprawling New Penthouse for $32.5M

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Compared to many new super-duper luxury developments, Silverstein Properties's 30 Park Place is relatively affordable, at least from the perspective of a billionaire. The most expensive unit—or rather, the most expensive that has been revealed—is asking "only" $65 million, and that's not even one apartment; it's a combo of two units, one of which will soon hit the market for $32.5 million (the other is currently listed at $29.5 million, so there is clearly no two-for-one discount). At 6,554 square feet, it is the largest individual unit currently available (and the second largest in the building), and new renderings give a glimpse inside the Robert A.M. Stern-designed space. The condo occupies half of the 78th and 79th floors, and features five bedrooms, six bathroom (plus a powder room), a fireplace, and a private elevator.

Penthouse 78A isn't quite at the pinnacle of 30 Park Place; there will be full-floor penthouses on floors 80, 81, and 82, but they have yet to hit the market. Penthouse 82 will hold the distinction of offering the highest private outdoor space for a residential unit, coming in at 869.5 feet. The PR team says this is the highest space downtown, but it's likely the highest private terrace in the whole city. (We can't think of any building that would top it, but if we're wrong, you know what to do.)

In addition to pricing and details for penthouse 78A, new renderings for three other penthouses were revealed as well:

And some previously released penthouse renderings, for fun:

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