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In Popular NYC Neighborhoods, 1 in 5 Apartments Is On Airbnb

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According to a new study conducted by affordable housing advocates New York Communities for Change and Real Affordability For All that was cited by the Daily News, one out of five apartments in the city's most popular neighborhoods is available on Airbnb. The East Village leads the pack, with 28-percent of apartments available for let on the website. In other neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, and in Long Island City, about 10 percent of available housing stock has been taken over by the room share website.
The study also found that the average rental was available for 247 days a year and rented 109 of those nights, which shoots down Airbnb's intention of running a site where city dwellers can rent their rooms when they're briefly out of town, and instead supports that the city's landlords are profiting off of the site by running illegal hotels. The study also found that 60-percent (or 27,000) of New York City listings on the site were available as whole apartment rentals, which NYDN points out is illegal in New York City.

The study used census data and the site itself to come to its conclusions, but it shouldn't be overlooked that both advocacy groups are highly critical of the site. "The notion that one in four apartments in the East Village is rented via Airbnb is not just ludicrous, it is also not supported by a single piece of data," a spokesperson for Airbnb told NYDN.
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