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See How One Man Lived On an East Village Rooftop for 6 Years

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Homme Less is a new documentary about Mark Reay, a 6'3" silver fox kinda guy, who for six years lived on the roof of his friend's East Village building. Filmmaker Thomas Withernsohn followed Reay around with his consent to expose the 56-year-old's lifestyle, which some may be incredulous to given his dapper appearance. "One of the great things about being in New York is that everyone's too busy to notice you," Reay told the Post, noting that even his friend didn't know he slept atop his building, "I was just a middle-aged white guy who wasn't drunk or wearing dirty clothes, so I didn't raise suspicion." For nearly six years, Reay would scale his friend's building's staircase, slip around a railing, and sleep under a tarp on an 8-foot by 3.5-foot slice of the rooftop. His shower, closet, bathroom, and gym were at the 14th Street YMCA. "Follow your bliss but be prepared to live your nightmare," Reay says in the trailer, reflecting back on a life full of exotic travel and choices that landed him on that rooftop.

Eröffnungsfilm FFKB 2014

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